Panther Paws Hockey Development

Panther Paws classes cover skating and hockey basics for youngsters ages 3 and up. Class time is dedicated to skill development through drills and on ice games. Panther Paws consists of 6 levels or groups where skaters begin in Group 1 and progress as they improve in their skating and hockey skills.  Based on prior experience, skaters may be moved to a higher group but all must begin in Group 1. Groups 1-3 end with a cross ice game on the big ice and Groups 4-6 have 2 games on the big ice; one halfway through the session and one at the end.


Skaters are taught 10 skills during the session.  As skaters become stronger in their skating, the skills they’re learning become slightly more challenging.  It is important skaters learn each skill properly and consistently so they have more success as they move up groups. Skaters are evaluated at the end of the session and either move to the next group, remain in the current group or get put into an "advanced" group of their current group. Please see the evaluation form below that is used for each group.


Hockey skates can be rented from the front desk weekly or families can provide their own. A hockey helmet with cage is required for Groups 1 and 2. Group 3 additionally requires a hockey stick. Full equipment with exception to shoulder pads is required for Groups 4-6. As pucks are used, full equipment is necessary for the safety of skaters.

Summer Session - July 12, 2020 - August 30, 2020

Registration Begins:
In District FP Residents - June 8
Open Registration - June 10

Office hours are Monday thru Thursday only, 9am-4pm thru Labor Day

{The NHL has currently suspended Little Blackhawks is due to the COVID-19 situation and we will relay any and all information to participants when it becomes available}

Little Blackhawks Spring 2020

Little Blackhawks is currently on hold due to restrictions from the NHL. Information will be communicated to participants when it becomes available.

Little Blackhawks is a once a week Learn to Play program for kids ages 5-9 who have some prior skating experience. In partnership with the Chicago Blackhawks, NHL & NHLPA, participants receive on-ice instruction from our experienced rink coaches. Each player receives a hockey bag with a helmet, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves, pants, shin guards. socks, a jersey, stick and skates!