The Fusion Skating Club is a cooperative effort of the Park District, Skating School, coaches, skaters and parents. The purpose of the Fusion Skating Club is to promote skating in a fun, safe, and social environment. The club participates in local and National ISI competitions and skates in two ice shows. Coaches strive to educate skaters and parents on all aspects of figure skating and encourage a true sense of a "home rink". Membership is taken annually in the fall. For more information on becoming a member of the Fusion Skating Club please call our Skating School Director Anne Raucci at 847-671-4268 or email her at for more information. Watch for details on the Fusion Skating Club on this website.   

Become a Member! Only $35/season 


  • Skaters must be registered members of the Ice Skating Institute 
  • Skaters must pay their annual membership fee for the Franklin Park FUSION 
  • Skaters may be of any age and skill level (tots and adults included & encouraged) 
  • Skaters must have ISI tests conducted at and registered through the Franklin Park Ice Arena from the beginning until termination of membership 
  • Skaters must maintain annual enrollment in the Franklin Park Ice Arena for three to four sessions 
  • Skater must have up-to-date balance due accounts with the Franklin Park Ice Arena 
  • Parents must volunteer for a minimum of two hours. Skaters can volunteer too! 
  • Members and parents display a good sport attitude at all times 

Some Upcoming FUSION events…

  • Franklin Park Fall Fest Parade 
  • Scary Skate 
  • Participation in the Franklin Park Ice Arena Holiday Recital and Spring Ice Show 
  • Fusion Holiday Party 
  • Participation in 4 to 5 ISI Competitions 

The ISI Skater Creed

I will try to do my own personal best.   

I will support and encourage my fellow teammates.   

I will make new friends at this competition from ice rinks other than my own.   

I will take care to be personally well groomed at all times.   

I will be a good representative from my home rink team.   

I will skate at my own true level of ability.   

I will be modest in victory.   

I will be gracious in defeat.   

I will not focus on the winning but on the participation.